Nodal involvement
ESGO eAcademy, Remi Nout, 293421
Local tumor extension: depth of invasion / parametrial infiltration / vaginal involvement
ESGO eAcademy, David Cibula, 293427
Morbidity of (adjuvant) CT/RT and impact on QoL
ESGO eAcademy, Remi Nout, 293420
History of gynaecological radiotherapy
ESGO eAcademy, Elzbieta van der Steen-Banasik, 293415
Quality indicators of the radical surgery if performed in LACC, ESGO Recommendations
ESGO eAcademy, David Cibula, 293426
Clear contra-indications of the pelvic radical surgery in LACCC
ESGO eAcademy, Fabio Landoni, 293431
Role of TMB and best practice examples
ESGO eAcademy, Remi Nout, 293419
The role of ultrasound
ESGO eAcademy, David Cibula, 293425
How to select patients for a curative treatment: radiological and/or surgical staging?
ESGO eAcademy, Philippe Morice, 293414
Role of multidisciplinary team in staging of cervical cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Philippe Morice, 293413
Gynaecological examination and reporting (incl. colposcopy and ultrasound)
ESGO eAcademy, Alexandros Rodolakis, 293435
From FIGO to TNM
ESGO eAcademy, Christina Fotopoulou, 293430
Accessibility to different treatments around the world
ESGO eAcademy, Murat Gultekin, 293434
Cervical cancer carcinogenesis
ESGO eAcademy, Christina Fotopoulou, 293429
Epidemiology of HPV and cervical cancer, a worldwide problem
ESGO eAcademy, Murat Gultekin, 293433
The place of robotic-assisted surgery in an Enhanced Recovery program
ESGO eAcademy, Eric Lambaudie, 287835
Principles of Writing a Good Scientific Manuscript
ESGO eAcademy, Pedro Ramirez, 286732
Breaking bad news: What, as doctors, can we do better?
ESGO eAcademy, Jalid Sehouli, 282885
The patient's perspective
ESGO eAcademy, Charo Hierro, 282879
The medical oncologist's perspective
ESGO eAcademy, Jonathan Ledermann, 282878
What do patients need to improve their QoL?
ESGO eAcademy, Esra Urkmez, 282884
The gynaeco-oncologist's perspective
ESGO eAcademy, Denis Querleu, 282877
The clinical geneticist's perspective
ESGO eAcademy, Emmanouil Saloustros, 282876
The clinical scientist's perspective
ESGO eAcademy, Charlie Gourley, 282875
The pathologist's perspective
ESGO eAcademy, Matias-Guiu Guia, 282874
How to assess PROs and quality of life?
ESGO eAcademy, Florence Joly, 282882
Medical treatment and update on recent molecular studies
ESGO eAcademy, Alexandra Leary, 282871
New insights into surgical management of mucinous ovarian cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Philippe Morice, 282870
ESGO eAcademy, Ingfrid Haldorsen, 282866
Restrictions in the histopathological diagnosis of mucinous ovarian carcinoma
ESGO eAcademy, Kitty Pavlakis, 282869
Medicamentous risk-reducing strategies after sporadic gynaecological malignancies
ESGO eAcademy, Cristiana Sessa, 282859
Chemotherapy and molecular prognostic significance in locally advanced vulvar cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Muieddine Seoud, 282864
Medicamentous risk-reducing management in BRCA mutation carriers
ESGO eAcademy, Shani Paluch-Shimon, 282858
Radiation therapy in the treatment of locally advanced vulvar cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Anuja Jhingran, 282863
Surgical risk-reducing strategies in BRCA mutation carriers
ESGO eAcademy, Pauline Wimberger, 282857
Surgery in the treatment of locally advanced vulvar cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Fuat Demirkiran, 282862
Lesser sack, porta hepatis, and celiac trunk
ESGO eAcademy, Cagatay Taskiran, 282854
The microbiome, carcinogenesis, and prognosis: Driver or passenger?
ESGO eAcademy, Julien Marchesi, 282848
Splenectomy, distal pancreatectomy, and partial gastrectomy
ESGO eAcademy, Pawel Knapp, 282853
The vaginal microbiome, HPV infection, and progression of cervical disease
ESGO eAcademy, Murat Gultekin, 282847
Carcinogenesis and prognosis in gynaecological cancers: Is this microbiome-related?
ESGO eAcademy, Maria Kyrgiou, 282846
Assessment of resectability: Imaging and/or laparoscopy
ESGO eAcademy, Anna Fagotti, 282851
Case presentation of foetal and neonatal follow-up during and after chemo during pregnancy
ESGO eAcademy, Monica Fumagalli, 282843
Adding translational research in Gyn Cancer trials
ESGO eAcademy, Sandro Pignata, 282838
Case presentation of cervical cancer during pregnancy
ESGO eAcademy, Frederic Amant, 282842
Innovation in endometrial cancer and cervical cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Antonio Gonzalez, 282837
Innovation in ovarian cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Isabelle Ray-Coquard, 282836
Case presentation of breast cancer during pregnancy
ESGO eAcademy, Michael Halaska, 282841
Advances in techniques for external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy in cervical cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Jacob Lindegaard, 282833
The way forward: Novel agents in development
ESGO eAcademy, Ros Glasspool, 282828
Novel targets: A molecular perspective
ESGO eAcademy, Viola Heinzelmann, 282827
Parallel session 21: Platinum-resistant ovarian cancer: A new definition and novel approaches in a changing landscape
ESGO eAcademy, Antonio Gonzalez, 282825
Radiotherapy in cervical cancer, where do we come from? Where are we now? Where are we going?
ESGO eAcademy, Elzbieta van der Steen-Banasik, 282831
Sex cord stromal tumours in adolescents
ESGO eAcademy, Dominik Schneider, 282818
The role of immunotherapy in GTN
ESGO eAcademy, Ulrika Joneborg, 282823
Germ cell tumours in adolescents
ESGO eAcademy, Philippe Morice, 282817
How to manage placental site nodules, PSTT, and ETT
ESGO eAcademy, Michael Seckl, 282822
Specificities of treating cancers in adolescents
ESGO eAcademy, Gabriele Calaminus, 282816
The key ingredients for a successful GTD centre
ESGO eAcademy, Christianne Lok, 282821
Systemic molecular targeted therapies: Achievements and prospects
ESGO eAcademy, Jonathan Ledermann, 282807
Novel combinations in ovarian cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Johanna Mäenpää, 282813
MRI Guided Brachytherapy: Evolution and challenges
ESGO eAcademy, Johannes Dimopoulos, 282806
Novel targeted drugs in endometrial cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Mansoor R Mirza, 282812
Technological developments in surgery and the contribution of robotic surgery
ESGO eAcademy, Rainer Kimmig, 282805
Emerging targeted therapies in cervical cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Ana Oaknin, 282811
Vaccination: Achievements and challenges
ESGO eAcademy, Elmar Joura, 282804
DNA repair interfering therapies
ESGO eAcademy, Nicole Concin, 282810
Introduction Uzi Beller Award
ESGO eAcademy, Pedro Ramirez, 282799
Best translational research - Helga Salvesen Award
ESGO eAcademy, George Coukos, 282798
Introduction Helga Salvesen award
ESGO eAcademy, Cristiana Sessa, 282797
The role of immunotherapy in the management of gynecological cancers
ESGO eAcademy, Meletios Dimopoulos, 282796
Is the new endometrial cancer classification ready for prime time?
ESGO eAcademy, Carien Creutzberg, 282794
Is there a role for immunotherapy in endometrial cancer?
ESGO eAcademy, Sandro Pignata, 282793
Is cytoreduction an option in advanced endometrial cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Elena Ulrikh, 282792
Chemotherapy in advanced endometrial cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Aristotelis Bamias, 282791
Trophoblastic diseases
ESGO eAcademy, Michael Seckl, 290423
Ovarian clear cell carcinoma
ESGO eAcademy, Antonio Gonzalez, 290422
Mucinous carcinoma
ESGO eAcademy, Jonathan Ledermann, 290421
Cancerized teratoma
ESGO eAcademy, Ros Glasspool, 290420
Uterine LMS
ESGO eAcademy, Jae-Weon Kim, 290419
Radiotherapy in the elderly
ESGO eAcademy, Elzbieta van der Steen-Banasik, 282786
State of the Art 7: ESGO-GCIG Rare Tumours Guidelines
ESGO eAcademy, Isabelle Ray-Coquard, 282788
Medical treatment of elderly women with gynaecological cancers: Strategies for a heterogeneous population
ESGO eAcademy, Annamaria Ferrero, 282785
Pre-and postoperative evaluation, morbidity and postoperative outcome of elderly cancer patients
ESGO eAcademy, Dina Kurdiani, 282784
Germ Cell tumour
ESGO eAcademy, Nicoletta Colombo, 290416
Ovarian small cell carcinoma
ESGO eAcademy, Clare Scott, 290417
Uterine Carcinosarcomas
ESGO eAcademy, Ronnie Shapira-Frommer, 290418
Low grade serous carcinoma
ESGO eAcademy, Charlie Gourley, 290424
Sex cord tumour
ESGO eAcademy, Isabelle Ray-Coquard, 290425
Genetic testing: The patient's perspective (patient rep from ENGAGE)
ESGO eAcademy, Birthe Lemley, 282781
Management of Lymph Nodes in Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Philipp Harter, 285950
Relevance of lymphadenectomy in cervical cancer in the SLN era
ESGO eAcademy, Fabrice Lecuru, 282775
Genetic counselling for Lynch syndrome in gynaecological cancers
ESGO eAcademy, Pawel Blecharz, 282780
Remaining indications for lymphadenectomy in ovarian cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Nicole Concin, 282774
BRCA mutations: Implications for the patient and family
ESGO eAcademy, Emmanouil Saloustros, 282779
Current role of pelvic and aortic lymphadenopathy in endometrial cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Nadeem Abu Rustum, 282773
Parallel session 13: Genetic testing and counselling in gynaecological cancers: Which patients, how, and by whom?
ESGO eAcademy, Susana Banerjee, 282777
A look at da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery postoperative results
ESGO eAcademy, Celine Lonnerfors, 282770
The place of da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery in an Enhanced Recovery program
ESGO eAcademy, Eric Lambaudie, 282769
Vulvar cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Ate van der Zee, 282767

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