Introduction Uzi Beller Award
ESGO eAcademy, Pedro Ramirez, 282799
Best translational research - Helga Salvesen Award
ESGO eAcademy, George Coukos, 282798
Introduction Helga Salvesen award
ESGO eAcademy, Cristiana Sessa, 282797
The role of immunotherapy in the management of gynecological cancers
ESGO eAcademy, Meletios A Dimopoulos, 282796
Optimal management of lymph nodes in patients with advanced ovarian
ESGO eAcademy, Philipp Harter, 285950
ESGO eAcademy, Nadeem Abu Rustum, 286497
Development and validation of an endometrial carcinoma preoperative Bayesian network using molecular and clinical biomarkers (ENDORISK): an ENITEC collaboration study
ESGO eAcademy, Casper Reijnen, 286495
Prognostic relevance of the molecular classification in high-risk endometrial cancer: analysis of the PORTEC-3 trial
ESGO eAcademy, Alicia Leon-Castillo, 286496
Conservative treatment of atypical endometrial hyperplasia and early endometrial cancer: a prospective single institution study of 418 patients
ESGO eAcademy, Olga Novikova, 286493
ESGO eAcademy, Christina Fotopoulou, 286492
SENTIX - Sentinel lymph node in patients with cervical cancer: time to voiding recovery after surgery (CEEGOG-CX01; ENGOT-CX2; NCT02494063)
ESGO eAcademy, Ignacio Zapardiel, 286491
Frozen section examination of sentinel lymph nodes can be used as a decisional tool in the surgical management of early cervical cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Agnieszka Magdalena Rychlik, 286490
SUCCOR study. An international European cohort observational study comparing minimally invasive surgery versus open abdominal radical hysterectomy in patients with stage IB1 (FIGO 2009,< 4 cm) cervical cancer operated in 2013-2014
ESGO eAcademy, Luis M. Chiva, 286488
Laparoscopic radical trachelectomy: step by step
ESGO eAcademy, Ali Kucukmetin, 285194
Current indications for LND in epithelial ovarian cancer in the post-LION era
ESGO eAcademy, Christina Fotopoulou, 285141
Urinary diversion procedures in gynecologic oncologic surgery.
Part III: Laparotomic Miami Pouch in 10 steps
ESGO eAcademy, Carlos Martínez Gómez, 283327
Nerve sparing surgery
ESGO eAcademy, Berta Diaz Feijo, 280227
Urinary diversion procedures in gynecologic oncologic surgery.
Part II: Ileal orthotopic neobladder in 10 steps
ESGO eAcademy, Carlos Martínez Gómez, 279754
Diagnosis of endometrial cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Daniela Fischerova, 278033
Surgery for cervical carcinoma after the LACC trial
ESGO eAcademy, Rene H.M. Verheijen, 276205
Urinary Diversion Procedures in Gynecologic Oncologic Surgery.
Part I: Bricker Ileal Conduit Urinary Diversion in 10 Steps
ESGO eAcademy, Session Speakers, 276202
Tracers and corresponding detection devices : Technetium colloids
ESGO eAcademy, Kamil Zalewski, 276200
VuIvar cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Ate van der Zee, 276250
Sentinel node in breast cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Xavier Pivot, 276198
Anatomical basis of lymph node detection
ESGO eAcademy, Jan Persson, 276197
Anatomical basis of lymph node detection
ESGO eAcademy, Jan Persson, 276249
Endometrial cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Michel David Mueller, 276196
Fluorescence-guided radical hysterectomy
ESGO eAcademy, Fabrice Lecuru, 276195
Cervical cancer: Accuracy of sentinel node in the detection of nodal metastases
ESGO eAcademy, Fabrice Lecuru, 276248
Ongoing clinical trials in gynecologic oncoly
ESGO eAcademy, Eric Leblanc, 276193
MIS in morbidly obese patients
ESGO eAcademy, Walter Gotlieb, 276192
Pathophysiological and anatomical basis: the transit of cancer cells in the lymphatic system
ESGO eAcademy, Walter Gotlieb, 276247
Tracers and corresponding detection devices : Blue dyes
ESGO eAcademy, H. Ferreira Carvalho, 276191
Processing and assessment of the sentinel node, molecular biology
ESGO eAcademy, Gerlinde Lang-Avérous, 276190
Sentinel node in melanoma
ESGO eAcademy, Cherif Akladios, 276189
The place of para-aortic dissection in endometrial cancer in the era of PET-CT and SLN
ESGO eAcademy, Nadeem Abu Rustum, 276188
Surgical technique: basics and pitfalls of pelvic SLN mapping
ESGO eAcademy, Nadeem Abu Rustum, 276246
Hudson procedure in 10 steps
ESGO eAcademy, Gwenael Ferron, 274171
Symptom control and pain management (palliative care)
ESGO eAcademy, Cristiana Sessa, 274581
Management of surgical complications
ESGO eAcademy, Christina Fotopoulou, 274582
Supportive care and management of side effects of systemic therapy
ESGO eAcademy, Mansoor Mirza, 274583
Surgical management of primary and recurrent ovarian cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Denis Querleu, 274585
Adjuvant treatment in early, advanced and recurrent ovarian cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Mansoor Mirza, 274586
Diagnosis and staging of ovarian cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Kamil Zalewski, 274587
Management of non-epithelial ovarian malignancies
ESGO eAcademy, Cristiana Sessa, 274588
Primary treatment of early stage vulvar cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Kamil Zalewski, 274567
Management of advanced stage and recurrent vulvar cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Elżbieta Van Der Steen, 274568
Surgical management of endometrial cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Denis Querleu, 274572
Adjuvant treatment of endometrial cancer and recurrent disease
ESGO eAcademy, Cristiana Sessa, 274573
Video: laparoscopic paraaortic lymphadenectomy (trans, retroperit.)
ESGO eAcademy, Ignacio Zapardiel, 274574
Video: open paraaortic lymphadenectomy
ESGO eAcademy, Christina Fotopoulou, 274575
Fertility preserving options in endometrial cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Ignacio Zapardiel, 274576
Breast cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Fedro Peccatori, 274577
Diagnosis and management of uterine sarcoma
ESGO eAcademy, Ignacio Zapardiel, 274578
Familial Gynaecological Cancer - risk assessment and management
ESGO eAcademy, Fedro Peccatori, 274579
Perioperative care
ESGO eAcademy, Christina Fotopoulou, 274580
Surgical spaces, lymphatic drainage, nerves, topography
ESGO eAcademy, Denis Querleu, 274557
Histopathology and immunohistochemistry
ESGO eAcademy, Petr Škapa, 274558
Principles of radiotherapy
ESGO eAcademy, Elżbieta Van Der Steen, 274559
Ultrasound, MRI in cervical cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Daniela Fischerova, 274560
Management of early invasive carcinoma (Stage IA1, IA2, IB1, IIA1)
ESGO eAcademy, David Cibula, 274561
Management of locally advanced cervical carcinoma (IB2, >IIA2)
ESGO eAcademy, Lukas Rob, 274562
Management of primary metastatic, persistent and recurrent Cx ca.
ESGO eAcademy, Elżbieta Van Der Steen, 274563
Video of laparoscopic pelvic lymphadenectomy
ESGO eAcademy, Ignacio Zapardiel, 274564
Video of radical hysterectomy (including nerve sparing)
ESGO eAcademy, David Cibula, 274565
Fertility sparing procedures in cervical carcinoma
ESGO eAcademy, Michael Halaska, 274566
Ultrasound in Endometrial Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Juan Luis Alcázar, 273567
Pelvic exenterations
ESGO eAcademy, David Cibula, 273264
ESGO eAcademy, Dr. Gabriele Calaminus and Dr. Philippe Morice, 272307
Laparoscopic Extra-Peritoneal Aortic Dissection
ESGO eAcademy, Daniel Dargent, 272228
Discussion of the LION research
ESGO eAcademy, Prof. Querleu & Dr. Harter, 265912
Risk reduction surgery in gynaecological oncology
ESGO eAcademy, Ranjit Manchanda, 265913
New Surgical Aspects Of Lymph Node Dissection
ESGO eAcademy, Jalid Sehouli, 265933
Role of Lymph Node Dissection in Early Stage Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Bill Cliby, 265932
Prediction of Surgical Outcome: Tumor Biology vs. Surgical Skills
ESGO eAcademy, Elena Ioana Braicu, 265931
The Role of Secondary Cytoreduction in Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Thomas J. Herzog, 265930
Early Stage Cervical Cancer: Is Minimal Invasive Surgery Harming?
ESGO eAcademy, Giovanni Scambia, 265929
Surgery for recurrent ovarian cancer: Already a valid option now!?
ESGO eAcademy, Andreas du Bois, 265928
HIPEC for ovarian cancer: HYPE or HOPE?
ESGO eAcademy, Christina Fotopoulou, 265927
Early stage cervical cancer: MIS can be harmful!
ESGO eAcademy, David Cibula, 265926
Saling´s technique of Saling closure
ESGO eAcademy, Daniel Dargent, 261942
Nerve sparing laparoscopy radical hysterectomy made easy
ESGO eAcademy, Shailesh Puntambekar, 261717
Historical trachelectomy
ESGO eAcademy, Denis Querleu, 261701
Gestational Trophoblastic Disease; Updates for today's Gynae-Oncologist
ESGO eAcademy, Michael Seckl, 265463
Primary HPV DNA Screening and Results of 4 Million Females
ESGO eAcademy, Murat Gultekin, 259725
ESGO eAcademy, Philippe Morice, 259729
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in advanced cervical cancers to preserve fertility? Is this safe?
ESGO eAcademy, Jalid Sehouli, 257715
What is the optimal management in fertility preservation in stage IB1 cervical cancer > 2 cm”
ESGO eAcademy, Philippe Morice, 257714
Treatment of gynae cancers during pregnancy
ESGO eAcademy, Alexandros Rodolakis, 257713
Fertility reserves after cytotoxic chemotherapy for gynaecological cancers and how to reduce toxicity
ESGO eAcademy, Christina Fotopoulou, 257712
Sexuality and psychooncological support in young women with cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Jalid Sehouli, 257711
Fertility options and reserves after pelvic radiotherapy.
ESGO eAcademy, David Cibula, 257710
Trachelectomy in pregnancy
ESGO eAcademy, Alexandros Rodolakis, 257709
Trachelectomy versus cone? Is less enough after all?
ESGO eAcademy, David Cibula, 257708
Safety of assisted reproductive options in patients with epithelial and non epithelial ovarian neoplasms
ESGO eAcademy, Philippe Morice, 257707
Fertility sparing approach in low grade and borderline lesions
ESGO eAcademy, Christina Fotopoulou, 257706
Minimal invasive surgery in early ovarian cancer: is it safe not to open?
ESGO eAcademy, Philip Harter, 257705
Preoperative patients consultation for 2-stage procedure and theatre planning
ESGO eAcademy, Christina Fotopoulou, 257704

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