Laparoscopic Pelvic Lympadenectomy Performed at Medical University of Graz, Austria
ESGO eAcademy, Rene Laky, 117659
Laparoscopic Pelvic Lympadenectomy Performed at Clinic Medellin El Poblado, Columbia
ESGO eAcademy, Rene Pareja, 117658
Place of Interventional Radiology in the Management of Immediate and Late Postoperative Complications
ESGO eAcademy, Frederic Deschamps, 117672
Laparoscopic Pelvic Lympadenectomy Performed at Charite, Campus Virchow Clinic, Germany
ESGO eAcademy, Jalid Sehouli, 117657
Laparoscopic Pelvic Lympadenectomy Performed at La Paz University Hospital in Madrid, Spain
ESGO eAcademy, Ignacio Zapardiel, 117656
Radio-Induced Chronic Enteritis in Uterine Cancer: How To Prevent, How To Manage?
ESGO eAcademy, Jervoise Andreyev, 117671
Laparoscopic Pelvic Lympadenectomy Performed at University Hopital Motol, Prague, Czech Republic
ESGO eAcademy, Marek Pluta, 117655
Laparoscopic Pelvic Lympadenectomy Performed at University of Leuven, Belgium
ESGO eAcademy, Frederic Amant, 117654
QOL after Radical Surgery in Cervical/Endometrial Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Elena Ulrikh, 117670
New Nuclear Medicine Approaches-Beyond FDG
ESGO eAcademy, Jean-Noël Talbot, 117648
Image Guided Adaptive Brachytherapy for Vaginal Cancer, Vaginal Recurrences and Endometrial Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Remi Nout, 117651
Imaging Lymph Nodes and Recurrent/Relapsed Disease
ESGO eAcademy, Andrea Rockall, 117647
Image Guided Adaptive Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer Combined with External Beam Radiochemotherapy
ESGO eAcademy, Richard Pötter, 117650
Imaging the Primary Site (Cervix, Endometrium, Ovaries, Peritoneum)
ESGO eAcademy, Nandita de SOUZA, 117646
Advances in Pelvic External Beam Image Guided Adaptive Radiochemotherapy
ESGO eAcademy, Richard Pötter, 117937
Faults in Colposcopy
ESGO eAcademy, Vesna Kesic, 117645
Current Role of Colposcopy in Diagnostics of Low Genital Tract Pathology
ESGO eAcademy, Jiri Slama, 117644
The Future Role of Biological Markers in the Surgical Treatment Planning
ESGO eAcademy, MICHAEL BIRRER, 117640
Immunotheraoy of Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Eric Pujade-Lauraine, 117643
How To Select the Patients in an Appropriated and Dedicated Surgical Center?
ESGO eAcademy, Giovanni Aletti, 117639
Therapeutic Vaccines for Cervical Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Cornelis Melief, 117642
Any Borders in Cytoreductive Surgery? Which Are?
ESGO eAcademy, Christina Fotopoulou, 117638
Ovarian Cancer: Ovarian Management in Young Patients with BRCA-Mutations
ESGO eAcademy, Catherine Uzan, 117637
ESGO eAcademy, Christhardt Koehler, 117633
Endometrial Cancer: Clinical Recommendation for Conservative Treatment in Low Risk Disease
ESGO eAcademy, Alexander Rodolakis, 117636
Radical Hysterectomy (Cons)
ESGO eAcademy, Christophe Pomel, 117632
Breast Cancer: Ovarian Damage by Systemic Treatment and the Role of Protection by GNRH Analogues
ESGO eAcademy, Dominik Denschlag, 117635
ESGO eAcademy, Henrik Falconer, 117631
Robot vs Laparoscopy: Chair
ESGO eAcademy, Rainer Kimmig, 117628
Radical Hysterectomy (Pros)
ESGO eAcademy, Angelo Maggioni, 117630
Introduction: Fertility and Pregnancy Challenged by Cancer - Accepting the Challenge by ESGO Task Forces Collaboration
ESGO eAcademy, Frederic Amant, 117634
Personalised Risk Prediction and Prevention - the Role of Social Media Networks
ESGO eAcademy, Caroline Presho, 117623
Recurrent Ovarian Cancer and Hipec
ESGO eAcademy, Philip Harter, 117627
Personalised Treatment in Women´s Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Helga B Salvesen, 117622
Primary Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Sven Mahner, 117626
An Update on Current Strategies For Women´s Cancer Prevention
ESGO eAcademy, Jack Cuzick, 117621
Surgical Trials (EBM): Endometrial Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Kerstin Ptak, 117625
Cervical and Vulvar Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Marie Plante, 117624
MIS, Next Step: Image Guided Surgery
ESGO eAcademy, Jacques Marescaux, 117619
Radiation Therapy and Anti-Hpv Treatment
ESGO eAcademy, Eric Deutsch, 117618
Stage IIB-III: How Can We Improve Outcomes for Advanced Cervical Cancer?
ESGO eAcademy, Gillian Thomas, 117613
Dose Adaptation for Pelvic / Para-Aortic Nodes
ESGO eAcademy, Ina Jϋrgenliemk-Schulz, 117617
Stage IB2: Radical Hysterectomy or Chemoradiation?
ESGO eAcademy, Denis Querleu, 117612
Is Radical Hysterectomy Necessary in Low Volume Disease?
ESGO eAcademy, Pedro Ramirez, 117611
Brachytherapy Data: Which Doses for Which Tumours?
ESGO eAcademy, Christine Haie-Meder, 117918
Robotic Surgery - What Has It Changed in Cervical Cancer Surgery?
ESGO eAcademy, Angelo Maggioni, 117604
Systemic Treatment, Including Adjuvant
ESGO eAcademy, Patricia Pautier, 117610
ICG-Fluorescence Guided Compartmental Surgery in Cervical Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Rainer Kimmig, 117603
ESGO eAcademy, Frederic Amant, 117609
ESGO eAcademy, Catherine Genestie, 117608
Single-Port Laparoscopy in Cervical Cancer and Extraperitoneal Para-Aortic Lymphadenectomy
ESGO eAcademy, Sebastien Gouy, 117602
Systemic Treatment, Including Adjuvant
ESGO eAcademy, Patricia Pautier, 117607
ESGO eAcademy, Frederic Amant, 117606
Radical Hysterectomy, Vaginectomy and Parametrectomy
ESGO eAcademy, Murat Gultekin, 117601
ESGO eAcademy, Catherine Genestie, 117605
Complex Vaccination Strategies in Cervical Cancers
ESGO eAcademy, Suzy Scholl, 117600
Clinical Applications of Molecular and Genetic Predictive Factors in Endometrial Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, MICHAEL BIRRER, 117595
Controversies in the Management of Intermediate Risk Endometrial Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Mansoor Raza Mirza, 117594
Overview on HPV Trials and an Update on Recent Advances on HPV Research
ESGO eAcademy, Gemma G. Kenter, 117598
Role of Radiation Therapy in Intermediate Risk Group
ESGO eAcademy, Carien Creutzberg, 117593
Immunotherapy Approaches in Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Petronella B. Ottevanger, 117597
Surgical Staging and Potential Role of Sentinel Node Biopsy
ESGO eAcademy, Sean C. Dowdy, 117592
Risk Communication in Oncogenetics
ESGO eAcademy, Jan Oosterwijk, 117590
Advanced and Recurrent Disease
ESGO eAcademy, Jonathan Ledermann, 117587
Adjuvant Treatment
ESGO eAcademy, Remi Nout, 117586
Implementation of BRCA Sequencing in an Oncology Clinic
ESGO eAcademy, Susana Banerjee, 117589
ESGO eAcademy, Christian Marth, 117585
Prevention and Screening
ESGO eAcademy, Frederic Amant, 117584
Molecular Testing in Ovarian Cancer; How Far Should We Go?
ESGO eAcademy, Charlie Gourley, 117588
Evaluation of Self-Collected Vaginal Samples and Urine an a Test-of-Cure Setting
ESGO eAcademy, Sonia Andersson, 117578
Tissue and Imaging Biomarkers for Hypoxia Predicts Poor Outcome in Endometrial Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Anna Berg, 117577
Surgical Management of Extrapelvic Recurrences
ESGO eAcademy, Neville F. Hacker, 117582
Systematic BRCA1/2 Genetic Testing in Unselected Epithelial Ovarian Cancer- Results from the Gteoc Study
ESGO eAcademy, Robin Crawford, 117576
Reconstructive Procedures After Pelvic Exenteration
ESGO eAcademy, Luis Chiva, 117581
ESGO eAcademy, Marrije Buist, 117575
Update on Pelvic Exenteration in 2015
ESGO eAcademy, David Cibula, 117580
Activation of TGF-Beta Pathway Through Mir-181a and Psmad-2 Overexpression Drives Resistance To Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in High Grade Serous Advanced Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Marco Petrillo, 117574
Engot-OV-6/Trinova-2: Randomised, Double-Blind, Phase 3 Study of Pegylated Liposomal Doxorubicin Plus Trebananib or Placebo in Women with Recurrent Partially Platinum-Sensitive or Resistant Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Christian Marth, 117573
Palliative and Non-Palliative Surgical Interventions in Relapsed Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Jalid Sehouli, 117579
Targeting HSP-90 in Gynaecological Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Nicole Concin, 117567
New Antiangiogenic and Vascular Disrupting Agents and Their Combinations
ESGO eAcademy, Antonio Casado, 117566
ESGO eAcademy, Cristiana Sessa, 117565
The Hudson Procedure
ESGO eAcademy, Gwenael Ferron, 117559
Potential Interest and Place of Uterine Transplantation in Gynaecologic Oncology
ESGO eAcademy, Yves Aubard, 117563
Lymph Node Dissection
ESGO eAcademy, Christian Marth, 117557
Oncologic Risk in Immuno-Suppressed Patients for Transplantation
ESGO eAcademy, Josep M. Grinyó, 117562
Peritoneal Stripping in Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Philip Harter, 117556
First Results of Uterus Transplantation in Human
ESGO eAcademy, Pernilla Dahm-Kähler, 117561
How To Manage BRCA Mutated Patients?
ESGO eAcademy, Eric Pujade-Lauraine, 117551
Surgical and Systemic Treatment of Recurrences
ESGO eAcademy, Andreas Du Bois, 117550
Putting It All Together: the Impact of a Comprehensive, Standardised Enhanced Recovery Programme
ESGO eAcademy, Sean C. Dowdy, 117554
Systemic Therapy: from Chemotherapy to Targeted Therapy in Front Line and at Recurrence
ESGO eAcademy, Nicoletta Colombo, 117549
The Role of Nutrition in Perioperative Recovery
ESGO eAcademy, Federico Bozzetti, 117553
Surgical Treatment of Primary and Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Émile Darai, 117548
How Anesthesia Can Improve Postoperative Recovery
ESGO eAcademy, Stephanie Suria, 117552
Horizon Scanning-Emerging Strategies for Recurrent Disease
ESGO eAcademy, Cristiana Sessa, 117546
Advanced Stage with Emphasis on Management of Patients with Positive Paraaortic Nodes
ESGO eAcademy, Christine Haie-Meder, 117537
Current Options for Relapsed Cervical Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Jonathan Ledermann, 117545
Surgical Management of Early Disease
ESGO eAcademy, Nicoletta Colombo, 117544

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