Approach to Laparoscopic Hysterectomy During COVID-19
ESGO eAcademy, James Dilley, 298863
Management of Cervical cancer during the COVID-19 Pandemic
ESGO eAcademy, David Cibula, Murat Gultekin, Mary McCormack, Domenica Lorusso, Pedro Ramirez, 298855
Right Diaphragmatic Peritonectomy in 10 steps
ESGO eAcademy, Martina Aida Angelez, Carlos Martínez Gómez, Gwenael Ferron & Alejandra Martinez, 298843
Radical Peritonectomy in Advanced Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Victor Lago, Tiermes Marina & Santiago Domingo del Pozo, 298842
Aortic Sentinel Node in Endometrial Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Mikel Gorostidi, 298841
Prevention and management of bleeding complications
ESGO eAcademy, Mikel Gorostidi, 298840
Laparoscopically Assisted Radical Vaginal Hysterectomy
ESGO eAcademy, Denis Querleu, 298839
Laparoscopic lymphadenectomy
ESGO eAcademy, Denis Querleu, 298838
Targeted Compartmental lymphadenectomy (TCL) in Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Rainer Kimmig, 298837
Diafragmatic Peritonectomy in Advanced Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Victor Lago, Tiermes Marina & Santiago Domingo del Pozo, 298836
Omentectomy and Splenectomy in Advanced Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Victor Lago, Tiermes Marina & Santiago Domingo del Pozo, 298835
New device for IndoCyanine Green cervical injection and different light modality to detect Sentinel Lymph Node in Endometrial Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Michele Peiretti, 297680
Management of uterine cancer during COVID-19 pandemic
ESGO eAcademy, Faculty / Presenter(s), 293201
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery- New Standard of Care in Surgery
ESGO eAcademy, Pedro Ramirez, 293189
Management of Ovarian cancer during the COVID-19 Pandemic
ESGO eAcademy, Jonathan Ledermann, Anna Fagotti, Antonio González, Luis Chiva, Sandro Pignata & Maximilian Lanner, 290545
ENGOT Recommendations on Conduct Clinical Trials During the Covid-19 Pandemic
ESGO eAcademy, Faculty / Presenter(s), 290547
How to get prepared for LiFE
ESGO eAcademy, Pedro Ramirez & Kristina Lindemann, 290508
How to select patients for PDS in advanced ovarian cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Anna Fagotti, 290507
Ernst Wertheim Historical lecture
ESGO eAcademy, Karl Tamussino, 290438
Ovarian Cancer Cytoreductive Surgery. How I Do It? (in russian language)
ESGO eAcademy, Artem Stepanyan, 290415
Surgical Technique of Vaginal Hysterectomy by hydrodissection
ESGO eAcademy, Mukesh Rathi, 289258
Hipertermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy - HIPEC
ESGO eAcademy, Anna Fagotti, Andrea Rosati & Giovanni Scambia, 288194
Nerve sparing radical hysterectomy - Muallem Technique with explanation of Parametrium and Paracolpium precise anatomy
ESGO eAcademy, Mustafa Zelal Muallem, 288188
Video endoscopic inguinal lymphadenectomy using 3D scope with sparing saphenous vein
ESGO eAcademy, Ji Sun Park, 288133
Creation of an Y-shaped ileal neobladder in 10 logical steps
ESGO eAcademy, Carlos Martínez Gómez, 288134
Total infralevator pelvic exenteration
ESGO eAcademy, Ilker Kahramanoglu, 288135
Cisterna Chyli: An important landmark in laparoscopic paraaortic lymphadenectomy
ESGO eAcademy, Nasuh Utku Dogan, 288136
Minimally-Invasive Radical Hysterectomy for Early-Stage Cervical Cancer: A no-touch, no-spill approach
ESGO eAcademy, James Beirne, 288137
Surgical video presentation: surgical tecnique in retroperitoneal paraaortic lymphadenectomy
ESGO eAcademy, Natalia Teixeira, 288138
Sentinel node byopsy in cervical cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Jose Maria Mariconde, 288139
Surgical Video: Laparoscopic complete resection of bulky precaval nodes by extraperitoneal approach in a patient with advanced endometrial cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Ibon Jaunarena, 288140
Tips of laparoscopic para-aortic lymphadenectomy for patients with endometrial cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Nobutaka Takahashi, 288141
Robotic resection of pelvic recurrence of endometrial cancer. Fighting the odds in minimally invasive surgery era.
ESGO eAcademy, Hubert Fornalik, 288142
Laparoscopic management of major vascular injury during
ESGO eAcademy, Hasan Aykut Tuncer, 288143
Laterally extended endopelvic resection with iliac vessels resection and preoperative femorofemoral crossover bypass grafts after aorta uni-iliac endovascular graft in recurrent endometrial cancer extended to and fixed to the right pelvic side wall.
ESGO eAcademy, Jesus Molero Vilchez, 288144
Inframesenteric retrocaval bulky lymph node excision
ESGO eAcademy, Ilker Selcuk & Zeliha Firat Cuylan, 288145
Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Endometrial Cancer: dual injection, dual tracer. Could this increase the detection rate of Para-Aortic Sentinel Lymph Nodes?
ESGO eAcademy, Anna Torrent, 288146
How to develop and appropriate extraperitoneal space before a laparoscopic para-aortic lymphadenectomy
ESGO eAcademy, Ignacio Zapardiel, 288147
Laparoscopic Lymphadenectomy (Pelvic and Para - aortic) step by step technique and follow up data
ESGO eAcademy, Dimitrios I Zygouris, 288148
How to get an excellent anatomical landmarks exposure in trasperitoneal paraaortic lymph node dissection. Systematic lymph node dissection in five steps.
Sentinel node identification with the Sentimag-Sienna+ System
ESGO eAcademy, Theo Panoskaltsis, 288150
Identification of upper and lower lymphatic pathways during mapping of sentinel pelvic lymph nodes in a patient
ESGO eAcademy, Ioannis Biliatis, 288151
Successful laparoscopic drainage of symptomatic lymphocele araising after laparoscopic paraaortic lymphadenectomy
ESGO eAcademy, Nasuh Utku Dogan, 288152
New device for ICG cervical injection and different NIR/ICG light modality to detect Sentinel Lymph Node Endometrial Cancer
The importance of an appropriate identification of structures in Ginecologyc oncology
ESGO eAcademy, Jesus Utrilla Layna, 288154
Double-barreled wet colostomy after total pelvic exenteration
ESGO eAcademy, María Tiermes Marina Martín, 288155
Control of operating field during difficult robotic vascular dissections
ESGO eAcademy, Nicole Fornalik, 288156
Management of vascular complications in laparoscopic lymphadenectomy: Four brief case presentations
ESGO eAcademy, Selen Dogan, 288157
Laparoscopic debulking surgery in pacient with nodal involvement
ESGO eAcademy, Jesus Utrilla Layna, 288158
Fascia Closure Technique using BERCI© Instrument for Preventing Trocar-site Hernia After Robot-assisted Gynecologic Surgery
ESGO eAcademy, Eun Ji Lee, 288159
Secondary debulking surgery for isolated para-aortic nodal recurrence in ovarian cancer requiring partial resection of the inferior vena cava
ESGO eAcademy, Kazuyoshi Kato, 288160
Follow the yellow brick road - Supra-renal para-aortic lymphadenectomy for metastatic ovarian cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Mihail Tiberiu Daia, 288161
Laparoscopic tertiary cytoreduction in ovarian cancer relapse
ESGO eAcademy, Ignacio Zapardiel, 288162
Total pelvic peritonectomy for ovarian cancer with extensive peritoneal carcinomatosis in pelvic cavity
ESGO eAcademy, LIBING XIANG, 288163
Total laparoscopic Hudson’s procedure, pelvic and paraaortic node dissection, omentectomy with primary reanastomosis and loop ileostomy for endometrioid adenocarcinoma in association with endometriosis
ESGO eAcademy, Michael Graham, 288164
Complete tumor resection from porta hepatis in a patient with recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Cagatay Taskiran, 288165
A Primary Extended Cytoreductive Surgery for Ovarian Cancer: Total Abdominal Hysterectomy and Bilateral Salpingo-oophorectomy, Total Omentectomy, Total eritonectomy, Bilateral Diaphragm Stripping, Cholecystectomy, Total Colectomy, Splenectomy, Bilateral pelvic-para-aortic lymphadenectomy, Dissection of porta hepatis, Liver Metastasectomy, and Bilateral Cardiophrenic Lymphadenectomy
ESGO eAcademy, Dogan Vatansever, 288166
Para-aortic Lymphadenectomy Step-by-Step Landmarks, Boundaries and Avoiding Complications
ESGO eAcademy, Fatema Alkhan, 288167
Excision of paraaortic bulky disease in a patient with advanced ovarian cancer after treatment with 3 cycles of neoadjuvant chemotherapy
ESGO eAcademy, Vasileios Mitsopoulos, 288168
Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery - VATS in Advanced Ovarian Cancer
ESGO eAcademy, Anna Conde Adan, 288169
Ovarian cancer with metastatic inguinal lymphadenopathy: an abdominal approach to inguinal nodes dissection
ESGO eAcademy, Faiza Gaba, 288170
Ovarian Cancer presenting with bulky lymph node situated in paraaortic area with anatomical variations
ESGO eAcademy, Pia Espa–ol Lloret, 288171
Pelvic lymphadenectomy: Step-by-step surgical education video
ESGO eAcademy, Ilker Selcuk, 288172
Paraaortic lymphadenectomy: Step by step surgical education video
ESGO eAcademy, Ilker Selcuk, 288173
Laparoscopic Para-aortic Lymph Node Dissection
ESGO eAcademy, Fatema Alkhan, 288174
Reconstruction of the vulva and vagina with a lotus flap after resection of cancer of the Bartholin gland
ESGO eAcademy, kenneth hatch, 288175
Conservative management of a clear cell vaginal adenocarcinoma with laparoscopic staging, ovarian transposition, and brachytherapy
ESGO eAcademy, Dimitris Vlachos, 288176
Inguinofemoral lymphadenectomy for the treatment of vulvar cancer
ESGO eAcademy, joel laufer, 288177
Inguinofemoral Lymphadenectomy Technique
ESGO eAcademy, Duygu Altõn, 288178
Inguinofemoral lymphadenectomy and femoral dissection: Cadaveric educational video
ESGO eAcademy, Ilker Selcuk, 288179
Sentinel node in vulvar cancer: anatomical landmarks and technique
ESGO eAcademy, Jose Maria Mariconde, 288180
SENTOV (SENtinel lymph node technique in Ovarian cancer): video technique
ESGO eAcademy, Victor Lago Leal, 288181
The technique of sentinel lymph node and afferent lymphatic channel detection in radicality reducing early stage cervical cancer surgery
ESGO eAcademy, Petr Hruda, 288182
Robotic assisted ingunofemoral lymphadenectomy for vulval carcinoma
ESGO eAcademy, Yogesh V Kulkarni, 288183
Laparoscopic - laterally extended pelvic resection
ESGO eAcademy, Mariano Catello Di Donna, 288184
Modified Martius Flap: An easy fistula Repair technique
ESGO eAcademy, María Tiermes Marina Martín, 288185
Bevacizumab and paclitaxel-carboplatin chemotherapy and secondary cytoreduction in recurrent, platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer - Results of NRG Oncology/Gynecologic Oncology Group study GOG-0213: a multicentre, open-label, randomised, phase 3 trial
ESGO eAcademy, Robert L Coleman, 288002
Laparoscopic vascular injuries. How to prevent and manage it?
ESGO eAcademy, V.Gabriele, V. Lecointre & AJ. Carin, C.Akladios, 288000
e-Module Immunotherapy
ESGO eAcademy, Course Faculty, 287979
How to detect and manage immunotherapy toxicity
ESGO eAcademy, Domenica Lorusso, 287978
Checkpoint inhibitors in gynaecological cancers: What are the data?
ESGO eAcademy, Christian Marth, 287977
The development of checkpoint inhibitor combinations: Which future?
ESGO eAcademy, Eric Pujade-Lauraine, 287976
Immunotherapy in gynae-oncology: Why and how?
ESGO eAcademy, Lana Kandalaft, 287975
e-Module ERAS
ESGO eAcademy, Course Faculty, 287974
Enhanced Recovery Hospital Implementation Process (ERAS): A holistic approach
ESGO eAcademy, Pedro Ramirez, 287973
Pre- and postoperative care: Focusing on nutrition and immunonutrition
ESGO eAcademy, Annamaria Ferrero, 287972
Perioperative anaesthetic management
ESGO eAcademy, Carolyn Weiniger, 287971
The role of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in postoperative management
ESGO eAcademy, Nikolaos Thomakos, 287970
Minimally-invasive cytoreduction in recurrent endometrial cancer: laparoscopic and uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) combined approach
ESGO eAcademy, Nicolo Bizzarri, 287843
Very advanced disease (fistula)
ESGO eAcademy, Fabio Landoni, 293432
Radical treatment in early metastatic disease?
ESGO eAcademy, Elzbieta van der Steen-Banasik, 293417
Pregnancy, metastatic disease, very advanced disease (fistula)
ESGO eAcademy, Alexandros Rodolakis, 293438
Chemotherapy in recurrent/metastatic disease setting
ESGO eAcademy, Mary McCormack, 293423
Is there a place for re-irradiation?
ESGO eAcademy, Cyrus Chargari, 293424
Place, indications and modalities of pelvic exenterations and laterally extended surgery (+/- IORT/BT)
ESGO eAcademy, Alexandros Rodolakis, 293437
Management of pelvic recurrent disease in non-irradiated area
ESGO eAcademy, Elzbieta van der Steen-Banasik, 293416
Place, modalities and reasons of neoadjuvant Chemo
ESGO eAcademy, Mary McCormack, 293422
Availability of high-quality surgery around the world
ESGO eAcademy, Alexandros Rodolakis, 293436
What if I have no access to high quality radiotherapy (IMRT, MRI-guided brachy)?
ESGO eAcademy, Elzbieta van der Steen-Banasik, 293418
ESGO eAcademy, David Cibula, 293428

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