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Speaker:  Prof. Denis Querleu (France)

Date: September 24, 2020 at 18:00 CEST

Moderators: Luis Chiva (ESP) and Maximilian Lanner (AUT)

Panellists: Artem Stepanyan (AM), Cagatay Taskiran (TUR) and Anna Fagotti (ITA)

During the COVID 19 epidemic, all health professionals have suffered difficult times accompanied by uncertainty.
On the other hand, this crisis has shown us new ways of being in contact.

Our society is acutely aware of the need to continue carrying out its mission of sharing knowledge.
Within the Educational Committee, we are pleased to offer a new training initiative that we find very attractive.

Once a month, usually the last Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm we will meet in this online meeting called "Meet the surgeon."

We will have an excellent opportunity to share from the hands of an expert a specific surgical technique of our specialty.

In these 60-minute live webinars, leading surgeons will present and discuss with participants their approach to specific surgical techniques in gynaecological oncology.

The webinars will include:
+ 30-minute presentation of the surgical technique and approach, including real case videos, to demonstrate practical tips and recommendations.
+ 30-minute discussion and Q&A,  participants will be able to send questions to the surgeon during the webinar.

The monthly “MEET THE SURGEON” webinars, will be the first edition of the new concept of web-based education. Each webinar will be dedicated to a specific topic. The list of topics and experts will be available soon.

The famous Vienna controversy of the early 20th century between Wertheim and Schauta is over, in favour of the abdominal approach. Unfortunately, nowadays only a few gynecologic oncologists master the radical vaginal approach. The number of teaching centres is not sufficient to cover the need. The vaginal radical trachelectomy is often substituted by costly and lengthy procedures. Interestingly, the impact of the LACC study has highlighted the need to resuscitate the initial step of radical vaginal hysterectomy with the objective to avoid contamination of the operative field during laparoscopy. This videowebinar will be focused on two topical points: formation of the vaginal cuff and localization of the ureter. The material will be taken from surgeries invented and videos taken by the speaker and by his master Daniel Dargent, a giant of the late 20th century.

Everything you need to know about radical vaginal surgery for cervical cancer.  This webinar will:

  • Offer the audience getting more in-depth knowledge of specific surgical gyn-onc procedures led by experienced colleagues.
  • Bring the opportunity of interacting among the audience´s members in an enriched educational discussion.
  • Obtain some key messages to take home to improve the surgical techniques of the attendees


Everything you need to know about radical vaginal surgery for cervical cancer Live Webinar

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