Nerve sparing laparoscopy radical hysterectomy made easy
ESGO eAcademy. Puntambekar S. 03/27/19; 261717 Topic: Laparoscopic
Shailesh Puntambekar
Shailesh Puntambekar

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Objective: to make laparoscopic nerve sparing radical hysterectomy feasible after complete anterior parametrectomy

Indication: Carcinoma, Cervix stage IIa with uterine cervix and upper one third of vagina being involved and without parametrial involvement.

Patient was hemodynamically stable, laboratory investigations were within normal limits and cardiorespiratory status was stable. Physician fitness was taken and patient was fit for surgery.

Imaging studies: Ultrasonography which was within normal limits. MRI of abdomen and pelvis revealed involvement of cervix and upper one third of vagina without loss of fat planes with bladder and rectum. Pet scan revealed no evidence of disease elsewhere in the body besides the localised lesion.

Conclusion: Nerve sparing radical hysterectomy is better with minimal invasive approach due to magnified vision but the real key to success is the knowledge of anatomy as it is all about anatomy.
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